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Actions for after a Drunk Driving Accident

Posted by on May 21, 2016 in Personal Injury | 0 comments

Drunk driving is often the cause for many vehicle accidents and civil lawsuits. Often in many states, it is already considered a felony, but those who have been injured by a drunk driving accident can still file for a personal injury claim against the defendant in order to recover compensation for the damages they have caused. Even if you are a responsible driver and drive defensively to avoid any type of accident, there are still those who are reckless and drink drunk or under the influence, causing tragic accidents.

Filing for a personal injury claim, which is a civil lawsuit, offers a different and specific legal process compared to a what the drunk driver may deal with when in a criminal charge. Criminal proceedings are aimed to punish the drunk driver for their reckless actions and to protect the general public by imposing stiff penalties and jail time. The Williams Kherkher law firm states on its website that personal injury claims against a drunk driver, either by the victim or the family of the deceased victim, may be the only option to get compensation for the damages caused by the accident. The compensation will not only cover for the medical costs, property damages, lost wages, and other economic damages, but can also pay for non-economic damages such as pain and suffering.

According to the website of the Goings Law Firm, LLC, drunk drivers can be criminally charged despite not being involved in an accident or no injury has even been made. This is because the criminal charge is used mainly as a deterrent to protect the people from such reckless actions.

One of the important factor that you should look into when you have been involved in a drunk driving accident is the no-fault laws that your state might be following. State laws have a direct impact on the result of your personal injury claim, since these claims are only accepted when a certain threshold, such as severity of the injuries or the extent of damages.

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Accidents on Cruise Tenders

Posted by on May 20, 2016 in Cruise Ship Injuries | 0 comments

Cruise ships are a very popular choice for people who want to visit a number of places while being with a family. There are so many options that cruise ships offer, and these are often very appealing for those who wish to travel while enjoying the travel time to another location. However, as with any vacation, there are risks that come with cruise ship travel. One of the common ways that people get into accidents when in a cruise ship is when they are in the tender.

Tenders are smaller boats that help transport passengers to the port. This happens when the cruise ship can’t go to the port because of its size, so a smaller boat may be needed to transport the passengers. When this happens, it will be the cruise ship who will be held liable for any accident that may happen during the transport of passengers. According to the website of Louis A. Vucci, majority of the tender accidents occur on the gangway ramp. There are various ways that gangway ramps can break free from the cruise ship or tender, causing passengers to plunge into the ocean. This can be dangerous, especially for those who doesn’t know how to swim, because they might not be wearing life jackets while crossing the gangway ramp and could drown if not rescued immediately. If the water is not deep enough, they might suffer injuries due to the impact of the fall.

When an accident occurs on the tender or gangway ramp the individual or those involved in the accident has legal right to file for a lawsuit or a personal injury claim against the cruise ship management. Important details such as the time of the accident, the general situation when it happened, and the witnesses that can be necessary for the claim should be noted, then contacting a personal injury attorney who specializes in cruise ship accidents should be made in order to know the next course of action.

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